Hopewell Sports Complex

Regular visitors to our part of Jamaica may have noticed there is a football field at the westend of Hopewell.   It was a project of Hanover Charities in 1976 but had fallen into total disrepair.

Nan Brenninkmeyer, a Round Hill shareholder and generous supporter of Hanover Charities, has spearheaded a project to not just revive this field, but add to it, making it a true sporting complex.  “The clubhouse has been declared unsafe; the football field needs repairing, and we need to build a structure which will have shower and changing facilities,” she says.  In addition, the complex would have an area where the children of Hopewell can do homework and other wholesome activities.

It’s a big undertaking, the Orchard Sports Complex overhaul.  But once completed, it will serve a large population—more than 10,000 in Hopewell and neighboring villages.  Hanover Charities is working closely with a Steering Committee consisting of various clubs and community members as well as the Parish Council.

In 2016 the netball and basket ball courts have been renovated and resurfaced, volunteers and have cleaned up the area, painted the bleachers and planted 200 bougainvillea plants and coconut trees; a grounds keeper has been hired to ensure the cleanliness of the property.

Maffessanti Builders graciously donated architectural plans for the new community center, which we hope to build within the next two years.

We welcome financial contributions to this ambitious project, please click here.