Hanover Charities

How It Came About

It all started with a Cow and an old Jamaica Family. When the charismatic Willy Delisser became Custos Rotolorum of Hanover he & his wife Ida immediately became great supporters of their community and every December would slaughter a cow for the hospital and infirmary patients’ Christmas Lunch. This soon spiraled to them supporting many of the disadvantaged of the Parish.

Willy & Ida were great entertainers of visitors & royalty to the island. Willy was also cousin to John Pringle, who had just opened Round Hill Hotel and who was also hosting the great and the good of the time at the nearby hotel. Buoyed by an unsolicited donation from a Mrs. Bingle, a regular winter visitor to Jamaica, who heard of their efforts in the parish, “Custos” and John used their very persuasive powers to get the Winter Visitors to Round Hill to contribute to the Christmas donations.

At around the same time, the De Lissers sold Tryall to a group of Americans who were aiming to create a world-class golf resort. Seizing the opportunity, Custos, along with John Pringle and Lord & Lady Monson brought together the shareholders of Round Hill & Tryall and in 1957 created Hanover Charities.

Homeowners, shareholders and their guests have given and continue to give generously to Hanover Charities

Hanover Charities today is:

  • Chair- Katrin Casserly
  • Vice Chair / Treasurer - Jennifer Flanagan
  • Secretary - Roy Ten Fah
  • Board Members - Stanford Brown Sr, Pernel Crossman, Patricia Falkenberg, Josef Forstmayr, Dr. Candace Hart, Fenella Kennedy Holland, Vanessa Noel and Dr. David Stair - Custos of Hanover
  • Honorary Board Members - Cecile Clare

A couple of interesting facts - On the passing of Willy Delisser, a motion was agreed by the board that whoever was the Custos of the parish at the time would always be invited to become a board member. This tradition continues to this day.

An original 1957 founder member, who to this day is an honorary member, is Cecile Clare. Her contribution to date has been incalculable. In order to honor her immeasurable gift to Hanover Charities the Soup Kitchen in Lucea was renovated and enlarged in February of 2011 and has been renamed the "Cecile Clare - Soup Kitchen of Love".

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