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Hanover Charities Applauds 60 years of Giving!

Hanover Charities’ Diamond Jubilee in 2017 including wide-ranging tributes to six decades of giving and caring for our people of Hanover.

Our charity, which started with an old Jamaican family providing Christmas meals for patients in the local hospital and infirmary and gifts for children, has grown to become one of the biggest charities in Jamaica.

Please use these links to see how we celebrated 60 years of charity!


  • The mission of Hanover Charities is, and always has been, to improve the health, welfare, and education of our neighbors in Hanover Parish…
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  • It all started with a cow and an old Jamaican family. When the charismatic Willy Delisser became Custos of Hanover, he and his wife Ida immediately became great supporters of their community.  Every December the Delissers would slaughter a cow…
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  • Hanover Charities is blessed to have a cohesive board of diverse talents and skills; each director and member plays a vital role in the success of our organization…
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The past 60 years were rewarding and satisfying, we have done a lot and looking forward to doing a lot more.

Watch this video that beautifully summerizes our journey thus far.
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VIDEO: Hanover Charities Sugar Cane Ball 2016

The Sugar Cane Ball held every year on Presidents Weekend (the second Saturday of every February)

What has become one of the premier partys’ during the busy winter social calendar the Sugar Cane Ball, held at Round Hill Hotel, raison d’etre is to raise money for the Charity…
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